The deadly blast targeted Afghan Vice-president Amrullan Saleh.


The deadly blast targeted Afghan Vice-president Amrullan Saleh.Afghan officials and the Taliban were supposed to have their first formal talks when a blast took place. Taliban denied their participation in these blasts. The Afghan Vice-president Amrullah Saleh escaped with a few burns and scratches. He has previously been the head of Afghan intelligence services.


The footage shows black smoke rising from the side of the road. The blast targeted the Vice-Presidents but killed ten people and wounded fifteen of them. Mr. Saleh isn’t on generous terms with the Taliban and has previously escaped another attack on his office, killing twenty people. Mr. Saleh and his son were in the car, and they ran the blast. An eye witness said that he lost one of his brothers, and another one is wounded.


The bomb was put on a hand cart, and the blast took place when Mr. Saleh’s car was passing by. Afghan officials will be holding meetings with the Taliban in Doha and Qatar to reach a political reconciliation after decades of bloodshed. The Taliban had recently signed an agreement with the US not to attach the US troops, and they signed another deal in which they won’t attack urban areas. The Taliban attacked a prison last year, which left twenty-nine people dead; they claimed they had done it.


Afghan President Ashraf Ghani met with Mr. Saleh and said that the terrorists shouldn’t undermine people’s faith and will for a brighter future and a democracy. A European Union delegation in Afghanistan said that such attacks are desperate attempts to spoil the peace talks. The head of the Afghan government negotiating team, Mohammad Masoom Stanekzai, called for violence to stop if the peace process needs to take place.




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