Yamuna water level recorded at 204.26m in Delhi!


As per the new reports, the Yamuna water level reached 204.26m. The level of water increased rapidly due to intense rain in the city Friday and Saturday. The Delhi’s old Yamuna Bridge has crossed the danger zone informed by the district disaster management authority. So, they informed the Delhi government to take safety measures.


As per the official reports by 8 am, Delhi’s old Yamuna Bridge has recorded 204.26m water level. The water level was released into the Yamuna River at the rate of 7,418 cubic meters per second. Reportedly, it is more likely to hike the water level in the upcoming days due to rainfall. The level of water has been raised due to continuous rainfall for the last few days. More often it will continue hiking the water level. As per the latest information shared by (IMD) rainfall will continue till September.


As per the predictions of the weather forecast, upcoming days will hike the level of water due to excess rainfall. Meanwhile, the India meteorological department (IMD) predicted the light intensity of rain adjoining the areas of the Yamuna River.


They also forecast areas like Agra, Aligarh and Hathras might experience rainfall during the next 2 hours. They enquire about all the details of rainfall tweeted by IMD.


Delhi government issued the notice to local authorities to look out the areas of Yamuna River and their safety measures. As the Delhi government said in the statement, we are fully prepared for any kind of flood situation.


Rain/thunderstorm also observed in the city near the banks of Yamuna River. Latest news of (IMD) there will more likely be rain/thunderstorms in the upcoming days. Weather forecast highlighted the main areas which are more likely to be affected due to heavy rainfall.







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